Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is virtual education exhibition?

A. An event organized online through our website, emails and Facebook marketing globally.

Q. How can I participate in it as an exhibitor?

A. You can send us the 90 words typed text about your university, email for admissions, web site and a logo
to make the banner of your university.
Q. How the fair works?

A. Your banner will be posted in the online exhibition and also sent to unregistered and registered students in different countries. They will visit your website and contact you directly for information to apply for admissions. We also send 980,000 emails to students, parents and others with banner advertisements of all exhibitors. Prospective students also visit our exhibition’s website to see the exhibiting universities and colleges and contact them for admissions.

Q. Will our banner will be posted for long term on your website.

A. Yes, it will stay for six months without any extra cost.

Q. What is the cost of participation?

A. Only US$ 488 which you can pay by a wire transfer directly in our account or through a credit/debit card/ Payment procedure is given on our website when you complete the reservation to participate form.


If you have any more questions, please send us an email or write to [email protected]