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Welcome to Online Universities section of International Admissions magazine, an online free of cost information service to worldwide students and professionals interested in going to university or college online. Our goal is to assist students in finding the best online university that fits their needs and demands as a student. Obtaining a degree from an online university or  college  is  becoming  more  and  more
popular, as high school graduates and mid-career professionals welcome the advantages and flexibility of programs offered in an online setting through high quality, innovative, online education with or without short attendance at the campus to students and professionals worldwide

Online universities and colleges which are also offering degree programs through on campus studies at the undergraduate and graduate level can send us advertisements and editorial pages to offer their online degree programs to students and mid-career professionals worldwide.

You can advertise with us if your Online university or college is a regionally accredited or accredited by a recognized accrediting agency listed by the U.S. Secretary of Education, any State Education Departments, National or Federal Ministry of Education of any country and State universities can advertise in our International Admissions magazine to admit international students and working adults in their online undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

NOTE: Online universities which do no meet one of these accreditation conditions can not advertise in our magazine as they will be considered ‘questionable and unrecognized universities’ by the government and other recognizing authorities in many countries. We aim to promote only internationally recognized universities and colleges.

Our International Admissions magazine, paper edition and eEdition include a wide variety of distance learning providers, including accredited online featured colleges and online universities, online schools, online career schools, online training schools, online learning providers, online continuing education programs and more…
Send us color advertisement and editorial page by an email attachment. One page size printing area: 25cm height x 20cm width.



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